Consists of 6 one-shots:

Hakofune no Yukue / The Course of the Ark
Kurata is going to retire from her company and get married, leaving her problematic relationship with her colleague Sasahara behind. However, her last unlucky elevator ride with Sasahara may force her to face things she intended to leave buried.

Week Ender
The brief musings of a woman romantically involved with a man with glasses.

Koi, no Youna Mono / Something Like Love
A ramen dinner between friends who might want to be something more.

Tsumari ha Byou no Youna / So in Other Words it's Like a Sickness
When he cut his hand one day during his part-time job at a convenience store, high-schooler Satoya met a lovely girl who offered him her handkerchief. Will love blossom between them, or will their personal hangups about romantic relationships doom theirs before it can even begin?

World's End Satellite
During a disappointing night out, a woman ponders the changes in her relationship with her boyfriend over the two years they've been together. 2) A casual conversation between a woman and her inattentive lover.

Sora no Kiyoku / Memories of the Sky
A woman spends her work holiday with her lover in a haze of sex and thoughts of their relationship.