This is a primary book that actually has a story line to it.Of course it is a very simple and easy to follow story line considering it is a primary numbers books.This book tells the story of preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and what the family does after the dinner.Things like singing songs with the family and cleaning up the table.This book counted from one to ten.It would say the number of things, then hidden in the picture would be the actual number, then at the top of the page would be the number of what ever it was that they were counting in a line after the actual number itself.For example “Baby brother squishes five juicy raisins,”There is a number five hidden in the bib, then at the top of the page outside the frame of the picture there is a number five with five raisins in a line.After the story got to the number ten, which was right when dinner got ready, they counted from ten all the way down to one as they cleaned up and sang songs.
As a teacher you could use this book to teach children their numbers and how to count.You could use it to familiarize them with how the number looks and have them find the number that is hidden in the picture.