An anthology of short horror fiction including stories written by Bill Crider, Migon Eberhart, Rick Hautala, Edward D. Hoch, and other with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.


The Jabberwock Valentine by Talmage Powell
Valentine from a Vampire by Daniel Ransom
True by John Maclay
Two Floor Generals and the Sweetheart Dance by J.N. Williamson
Be Mine by Steve Rasnic Tem
Die, Clown, Die! by William F. Nolan
From Parts Unknown by Edward Wellen
Recipe for a Happy Marriage by Nedra Tyre
My Heart Cries for You by Bill Crider
Colt .24 by Rick Hautala
Fine Chocolates by Jeannette M. Hopper
The Virgins of Valentine by Edward D. Hoch
Home for the Holiday by Susan Casper
No Hearts, No Flowers by Barry N. Malzberg