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20 Bestselling Authors Share Their Secrets to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success
In this box set, you’ll get 20 life-changing books from bestselling authors. That's over 2,000 pages of education and inspiration. Here’s what’s inside:

You Can’t Cheat Success! by Tom Corson-Knowles
Learn how to stop self-sabotage and achieve your dreams without stress or struggle.

Self Confidence Secrets by Dan Johnston
Create unstoppable confidence with proven Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

50 Powerful Date Ideas by Jordan Gray
Fifty powerful, unique, cost-effective dates to impress your partner and improve your love life.

I Want What She’s Having Now! by Tora Cullip
A no-nonsense way to get healthier and achieve your ideal weight for women (and smart men).

The Art of Conscious Creation by Jackie Lapin
Create global transformation by mastering the art of conscious creation.

Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine by Ameer Rosic
Get to the root cause of your health issues and say goodbye to chronic fatigue, arthritis, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, arthritis, parasites and candida for good.

Intro to Paleo by Abel James
Harness the principles of the Paleo diet, ancestral health and primal fitness to burn fat, build muscle and improve your health.

Stop Negative Thinking by Doc Orman, M.D.
Learn how to eliminate negative thinking before it eliminates you (from a doctor with personal experience).

The Easiest Way by Mabel Katz
Use the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of Ho'oponopono to create the abundant life you deserve.

Income Power by Jason Miles
Learn the secrets to doubling your income while doing more of what you love and less busy work (whether you're an employee or entrepreneur).

Do Nothing, Achieve Everything by Michael Mackintosh
Discover how to achieve true freedom and fulfillment.

REV Yourself by Ben Greenfield
Reboot, Elevate and Vitalize your body to achieve peak physical performance.

Why You’re Stuck by Derek Doepker
Learn how to get out of your own way and attract the success you deserve.

The Internet Entrepreneur® by Mick Moore
Leave the rat race and become financially free with an online business.

Unplugged by Scott Rewick
Sometimes you have to pull the plug if you really want to live your life fully.