For some of us who have family members who are autistic, they’re more of a blessing than otherwise, if you ask me.
Even if the general misconception about autistic people is that they are ‘retarded’ or unable to cope with the daily pressures of Life, that’s hardly true. What is true is that they do take their time with things - there’s no harm in that.
It’s probably how we should do things any way instead of rushing around like ‘normal’ people do these days, as if afflicted by the proverbial “more haste, less speed” syndrome.
Yet it goes without saying that there are areas of their lives where improvements are required even if they are inhibited by their ability to process information or learn slower than others do.
And with technology changing the way we live each day, it should come as no surprise that apps that are built for children with special needs can really benefit everyone involved, and not just the child.
Whether it is their daily routine or teaching them concepts in a fun manner or even studying their tantrums or behavior, there is an app out there for children with special needs.
So, without further delay, here is a list of 20 apps that will directly or indirectly benefit your autistic child.