Did you read the original 9/11 Commission Report?Me neither.The news summaries were depressing enough.

But here it is, 10 years since 9/11—time to think about what we've done to keep 9/11 from happening again.

Not much.

This graphic adaptation is a sobering summary of the unwillingness to move outside the comfort zone of secrets and lies, to take responsibility for the "failures of imagination, policy, capabilites and management" that still keep our government from effectively protecting and preparing the United States not only from terrorist attacks, but natural disasters like Katrina.There is no larger view, no willingness to share information, coordinate and unify different agencies or committees or political parties.No one is willing to give up their little kingdom of autonomous power.

The current Congress seems even less able to see beyond their own narrow agendas to work for the greater good than they were in 2005 when the report card of their response to 9/11 given by the Commission contained mostly "D"s.Too bad we can't put them on probation, or expel them for poor performance and unruly behavior, or eliminate seniority like they're so eager to do with the nations's unions, students, and teachers.

"No Citizen Left Behind" anyone?