A Baby for Dry Creek
By Janet Tronstad

I loved this book by Janet Tronstad! A Baby for Dry Creek is about kindness, forgiveness, and trusting another person to love you for who you are. Chrissy Hamilton has a son out of wedlock. Since she grew up with a single parent, she knows the way people will act toward her and her son. The few times she had been to church, she heard how the people whispered about her and her mother. Reno Redfern had met Chrissy in the previous book, A Hero for Dry Creek. She ended up returning to Las Vegas and Reno figured that’s where she belonged. Like his mother, she wouldn’t be happy living in a small town without the big city lights.
However, when Chrissy gets into trouble, who is her rescuer? Reno Redfern decides maybe he can show her the finer points of living in a small town. He goes to get her and bring her back to Dry Creek. Chrissy is afraid she will get the cold shoulder from everyone once they find out she has a child. Can Reno prove to her he can love her for who she is? Will Chrissy accept the kindness from the community members of Dry Creek, or is she like Reno fears, more attuned to life in the big city? Before Chrissy can decide, she needs to learn how to trust again and to accept help from others. Sometimes we can’t do it all on our own and need help from friends, family, and especially God. It doesn’t make us weak; it makes us stronger. Make sure you pick up this great book by Janet Tronstad and check out her other books in this series!

A Baby for Dry Creek A Baby for Dry Creek by Janet TronstadJanet Tronstad Janet Tronstad