These are a great set of dictionaries. I had originally started by buying the intermediate and basic, which I rarely used while I was in school, since the textbooks from which I was working already taught the grammar. I've found them more and more useful after leaving college when I turned to self-study and found myself wading through Japanese books on my own. It's also a useful supplement for studying for the JLPT (especially when studying out of grammar books written in Japanese), because it does an excellent job not only explaining meaning and formation, but it also explains some of the nuances and differences from other related grammatical terms.

If you are an intermediate or advanced student and considering buying one of these dictionaries, I would recommend buying all three. Even if you don't feel that you're ready for the Dictionary of Advanced Japanese, I would recommend buying it in addition to the other two, because it has the most comprehensive index that includes entries from the first two books. (Meaning you can search in one index instead of three individual ones.)