Devastatingly insightful and informative.

Dussel, Enrique D. A History of the Church in Latin America: Colonialism to Liberation, 1492-1979. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1981.
Poor Latin American women (Latinas) have been described “the soulless ones” and “doubly oppressed”. Latinas often have the experience of having the Bible quoted against them at a variety of levels: their gender, their ethnicity, their culture, and in the case of Afro-Latinas, their race. Historically in Latin America, the conqueror was a male of respectability, whilst the most alienated was the Indian woman. (p5)

“Latin America has a unique place in universal history, and therefore the LA church has a unique place in the history of the universal church.” (p295)

“He who sees Jesus in the poor and serves him is the only one who can be saved.”

“... the history of the Church is an interpretive account of the messianic function of the institution founded in the only history, the history of the world in the light of faith. To discover the messianic function of the Church in the world is theology, the only theology, in its moment of historical and progressive description.” (p305).