A Soldier's Heart was a very deep and different book. It is about PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder).

Tony Riordin served in the Vietnam war and he was one of the lucky one's he survived and came back and had a daughter Gina. He still has nightmares but with the help of his family he has tackled them. He is now ready to face the past which he tried to ignore and wants to thank the nurse that saved him, Claire. He tracks her down and sees in her eyes that she has not laid the ghosts to rest.

Claire is a part-time nurse and is trying to run an inn along with her daughter and son. Her son wants to be a fighter pilot and Claire can't deal with that. She has issues, she never talks about the war because it never did her husband any good(who killed himself), and she never had a supportive family to come back to. So, she plays down what she did, she was only a nurse but things are getting worse for her and Tony coming back triggers it even more. Her kids know that something is wrong but don't voice it, since the war is a part of her past she doesn't even acknowledge to herself.

If you are expecting a hot and heavy romance this is not it. The book is slow, we see family moments, Claire trying to drown her problems by throwing herself into children and still failing. You don't expect a woman who has hidden her problems for two decades to suddenly accept them. It takes a lot of time and Tony is patient. Even when they fall for each other Claire is afraid.

I will categorize this book into one which tried something really different. You don't have to kill in order to be affected, war has consequences, a medal is no reflection of human pain and suffering.