It's assumed that race relations have reached a peaceful state in the American South, especially in a civilized metropolis like Atlanta, Georgia. Old habits seemingly die hard as African American children begin acting strangely. Alexa Mason, a beautiful, charming, and ambitious young woman who specializes in environmental consultation, is called in to investigate.Alexa begins to suspect the children in question are being poisoned, and she soon makes the acquaintance of Detective Bud Prior, of the Atlanta Police Department. Bud is also the Atlanta liaison to the FBI Hate Crimes Unit, which is why he takes such a passionate interest in the case-or is his passion ignited for another reason? As Bud gets to know the stunning Alexa, he feels himself growing even more interested.Alexa feels the same way about Bud, but they're both torn about getting involved, especially considering the media frenzy surrounding their case. Plus, the poison threat is anything but neutralized as the hateful mission of a white supremacist mastermind continues to cause trouble. Alexa and Bud must solve the case before any more damage is done-or else they may find themselves at risk, too.