Julio [j oo l ee oh] Bunny Series: Multi-awarding Winning Children's Easter Book Collection From ItalyFree Audio Book InsideJulio Bunny and his friends are eagerly waiting their favorite teacher, Leo Wolf, to return with his travelling school. He finally returns. But, oh no!, something is wrong with his voice and Rina Rook is worried. How will Leo Wolf teach the children? Find out how Julio and his clever friends help their teacher recover and continue with their day at school? This adorable tale is sure to excite your little reader about learning too!

NICOLETTA COSTA was born in Trieste (Italy) in 1953, where she was brought up and still lives today. After graduating in Architecture in 1978 at the University of Venice (Italy), she dedicated herself exclusively to her great passion: illustrating and writing books for children. Her most famous character is Julio Bunny an overly timid rabbit, but good natured,
with long fuzzy ears and a great passion for carrots.

NICOLETTA COSTA has been awarded various international prizes:

1986 Catalonia d'Illustraciòn Award (Barcelona)
1988 Golden Pen Award (Belgrade)
1989 Christian Andersen
1994 Christian Andersen
2002 Grinzane Junior Award