ABOUT THE STARS, ABOUT THE RAIN is a short story from David Bain's collection NIGHT WRITING.

About a family on a camping trip trying to save their marriage, this is one of David Bain's trademark genre-mixing tales. "About the Stars, About the Rain" would be considered "mainstream" but with light hints of science fiction, ghost and dark fantasy stories. Can a storm, a lost children's toy, and stories from the past bring the family back together?

David Bain is the author of DEATH SIGHT the first in the Will Castleton psychic detective series (watch for the sequel GREEN RIVER BLUES, coming Summer 2013!), BAND OF GYPSIES: A DARK ROCK & ROLL FANTASY (with C. Dennis Moore) and GRAY LAKE: A NOVEL OF CRIME AND SUPERNATURAL HORROR, plus several short story collections. He teaches writing at a community college in Indiana.