Coppers: Love them, Loathe them, be completely indifferent to them. Police Officers don’t think like you do. That’s why so few of them have Members of the Public as friends. They don’t think like you do because you cannot relate to their experiences.

I used to go to my Local Pub and join in the banter while guys told me what wankers their bosses were, how much they hated their jobs and how they deserved a pay rise. I would sit and listen, and nod my head sagely, because, even Coppers need someone to talk to.

But, I could never speak of the abused children, or the Paedophile I had just charged, or the murder victim pooled in his blood or the battered girlfriend. I could never speak of the wife of the traffic accident victim as you tell her that her husband is never coming home again, even though, just two hours earlier she had kissed him goodbye on his way to work. Nor could I speak of sitting down and telling horrified parents that their 8 year old pride and joy has just been run over and killed by a drunk driver. I couldn’t speak of the drunk who tried to rip my throat out using a Stanley Knife blade he carried around on a piece of string round his neck for just that purpose, or of the Lass who tried to gut me with a kitchen knife. Nor could I speak of the Terrorists who wish to drown us in our own blood…

Police Officers don’t think like you do.

From the British Army to Kent Police, 4 years as a Contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a Policeman’s Story.