A Russian Nuclear Weapon Is
Headed For A City Near You!

Unmarked automatic rifles are passed from trucker-to-trucker by a secret militia previously unidentified by the FBI.

A frightened wife whispers the name, “Truckers For A Safe America.”

An Imam reports that a suitcase – sent from Iraq – was stolen from the Port of Los Angeles by someone unknown and has disappeared.

A big rig, carrying rebar headed for Houston, sets off every radiation warning alarm in the Los Alamos National Labs.

These are the breadcrumbs that FBI’s Special Agent Rinda Bolton must follow to save an American city from total destruction.

Is the target city Washington DC? New York? Chicago? Los Angeles? No one knows except one wounded warrior bent on revenge.

Completely believable!

John Russell – Author of “The Initiative” has a knack for weaving real events into riveting fiction. The frightening part of this, like all his stories, is that they really could be true.

If you are a thriller fan, scroll up and grab your copy today.