Out of the fry bread pan, into the fire! Native American law student Crispy Calusa had big dreams when he left home for the Big Apple, but it's a whole different world off the Rez. While striving for an education, he's managed to piss off the city's locals. And that's not even the awkward part. As he chases women on the singles circuit, he's inadvertently turned on grannies in heat. The last thing he wants to do is give up on his plans, but his mother won't stop telling him to bag it up and come on home. Before he can put up a fight, he's issued an ultimatum. Crispy's tribal elders put the "ow" in "powwow" and they've ordered him to get engaged to an indigenous woman in thirty days or be kicked out of the tribe. If he wants his future children to be part of the drum circle and have their turn fancy dancing in his tribal regalia, he's got to shed the "Native Nerd" label and pursue something much more important than a degree: love. Is it possible for Crispy to follow his dreams and still hold on to the past? Will he find his Pocahontas or will a secret wreck his life before she can become a part of his? Praise for Tonto Canto Pocahontas: "Laugh, cry, and reflect deeply on the outstanding way Alexei manages to encapsulate identity driven themes...a refreshing exposure to contemporary urban Indian life."— "Cultural Survival" "A must-read book"—"Indian Country" "Brilliantly written, and an encouraging piece of fiction to signify our stories are still very alive and need to be passed down."—"Native Hoop Magazine"