This book is fiction. Be prepared.

SUMMARY-His queen and son miss him dearly. Ulysses has been gone for nearly seven years. The great soldier named Ulysses is traveling back to his kingdom after the Trojan War. He has many obstacles in his way, the cyclops, the lotus,and many more dangers to get home before a new king is chosen.

COMPARING- Well, this was definitely my face while comparing this book to the movie Percy Jackson the lightning thief.description
Firstly, I dislike fantasy novels andnovelsthat involve mythology so much, I personally do not see any creativity or imagination in them whatsoever. I get bored.
The storytelling is too hard for me to understand. So you're probably wondering why I would decide to pick one up and read it now. I'm being completely honest this book is 150 pages, and a super easy read so that's why. And also a Rick riordan book (theOlympian seriesauthor)is at least 300-500 pages and very slow. That's also why I didn't ever finish Percy Jackson the lightning thief. So,I watched the movie. And this book was way better. Every page had a suspense that kept me reading, while trying to read Rick Riordans book I almost fell asleep. The success of the book, is very strong. Considering, the story doesn't lag once and is super easy to comprehend. Yes I liked it, it was the only adventure book I'm probably ever going to like. This story is a classic, even if you are not into mythology and fantasy stories.

CONNECTIONS- In the hunger games, Katniss takes Prims place to go to the Hunger Games. There is a family relationship, just like Ulysses and Telemachus. Telemachus sacrifices himself to go on a search for Ulysses. Another connection, Edward Cullen from the twilight series and the Cyclops in this book both are categorized as monsters. But honestly, they both are very mysterious characters but even edward whom is a vampire seems to havemore of a soul than the Cyclops in this short novel.

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