Aksel Sandemose (1899-1965) is considered by many Nordic scholars to be one of the most significant Scandinavian writers of the 20th century. He is widely read in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and it is virtually impossible to get through secondary school in those countries without having read some of his work. In addition he has been translated into other languages such as English, French, German and Polish, though he is still not particularly well known outside of Scandinavia.

In 1927 Sandemose made a trip to western Canada, sponsored in part by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The idea was that he would write about conditions inthe Danish settlements there and consider the advantages of immigrating to the country. The result was a series of articles and stories aoubt Canada and three novels. This volume is an English translation of most of Sandemose's articles and stories that deal with or are set in Canada, and a critical introduction starting with a survey of Danish immigration to Canada, then covering Sandemose's early years up to his immigration to Norway and stressing the role Canada played in his life.