This is the sixth book of seven in the Sports Fairies series by the group of authors who go by the name Daisy Meadows. It's a fun series, especially for young girls who are starting to read chapter books. Our oldest is addicted and will often read several in one day!This series has a sports theme and I like that it encourages girls to be active and try new sports.

I have read so many of these books that I must admit I've become immune to their silliness.I love that I can read them after she does and discuss the plots and her thoughts about the story and about what will happen next in the series.We will certainly read more of these books as long as they are still being written.I will always be thankful that this is one series that helped her to develop a love for reading!

June 2012 update: our youngest is now immersing herself in this series and is reading them very quickly, too. As inane as I thought they were, I love that this series is making readers of our girls. Hooray!