FADE IN SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE- SPACE Silent and endless. The stars shine like the love of God...cold and remote.Against them drifts a tiny chip of technology. CLOSER SHOT: It is the NARCISSUS, lifeboat of the ill-fated star-freighter Nostromo.Without interior or running lights it seems devoid of life.The PING of a RANGING RADAR grows louder, closer. A shadow engulfs the Narcissus.Searchlights flash on, playing over the tiny ship, as a MASSIVE DARK HULL descends toward it... James Cameron took Ridley Scott's stylish noir sci-fi thriller and used the characters to create a `western in space' tour de force. For the first time the complete script of James Cameron's Aliens has been cleared for publication. The package will be the complete script including scenes filmed but not released into the theatres and hitherto unseen stills from the film.