Alliance by Jerry Oltion

Isaac Asimov's Robot City Robots and Aliens #4 Alliance (1990) 168 pages by Jerry Oltion.

The continuation of the Robot City story.The WatchfulEye robot decides to name itself Lucius II after the robot in an earlier story that showed creativity.Lucius along with Adam and Eve are still developing, trying to determine what is human.At one point Lucius is following Avery around because of a need to obey the second law.Later on the silverside robots have again redefined human in their minds so that they obey what they want to obey. This story is about developing the characters of those three robots.

Derec, Ariel, Avery, Wolruf and the robots (including Mandelbrot) leave the original Robot city planet to go to the planet of the Ceremyons.The ship runs into some trouble and I thought there was a clever solution.

Also Derec started having memories of his mother.Which leads me to believe that the next book might expand upon that and they'll probably catch up with her either there or in book six.

This has the same feel as the first nine books and is no better or worse than those.Entertaining enough to keep reading and a lot of discussion of the laws of robotics.