She almost lived.
She almost died, became a widow, watched her life crumble; and from the rubble left over after the truth about her husband's terrible double life bubbles to the surface, she almost forms her life into all that she's always deserved. That is until she almost chooses the wrong man. Again.

This is Renae's story about life after Donnie McGraw. She had dreams for the future. She just hid them behind dowdy clothing and down cast eyes. Once she's set free from the abusive life she's lived for years, her dream is to become a nurse. To heal the physical wounds because those can be dealt with, not like the emotional wounds that fester and grow like parasites inside the mind. Winding and twisting until you're never quite right again.

Can Renae break the pattern? Will she choose the doctor who feeds the need to be controlled, or the patient who empowers her to choose for herself?

This is the second book in An Appalachian Novel series that started with Sadie's Mountain.