When Baba - head of the mighty Badshah empire - announces that he will hand over the reins of his business to the grandchild who proves his mettle, Sohana Badshah, sole granddaughter, decides she too will play that game. Who knows, it's the sort of struggle against the odds that may even help her win back the peerless and compassionate Jag. Suddenly, from the overindulged, indecisive, socialite sister, Sohana becomes a rival to reckon with, and there's more than one person who'd like to see her fail.

In this pacey, whirlwind of a follow-up to Bombay Girl, the young, sheltered Badshah heiress struggles to keep her footing in a man's world. Still discovering her street-smarts and business-savvy, will she flounder or will she be able to negotiate the twists and turns of this unfamiliar new universe? In Kavita Daswani's Betrayed, high intrigue is on just the other side of a social shindig.