The office of the President of the United States has evolved dramatically over the last 220 years, from heroic posturing as leader of a renegade nation to calculated cunning as commander of a nuclear superpower. This colorful inventory of presidential transgressions reveals that every modern scandal is the descendant of remarkably similar predecessors.

Detailing the disgraces of more than 40 presidents, from sexual skirmishes to CIA cover-ups, American Presidents: A Dark History covers every dirty deed committed behind the White House fence, from financial profiteering and insider trading to illicit bugging of the opposition. American Presidents: A Dark History also tells the story of a nation’s advancement: from the post-Revolutionary days of anti-monarchy and slavery, through the bitter strife of internal wars, Reconstruction, boom, and Depression, to the United States’ emergence on the world stage as a superpower. Using reproductions of portraits, period caricature, and cartoons, as well as superbly telling photojournalism, American Presidents: A Dark History reveals the true face behind what has become the most powerful job in the world.