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By day I am a law student and by night I am a stripper. Weird right? A law student stripping for a living? There must be something wrong with you, you may say. Of course there is, I’m a human being after all. Don’t we all make mistakes? Don’t we all regret bad choices? Don’t we all want to turn back time and correct some of our stupid decisions?

Yeah, that’s what I thought!

I strip because I need to pay my student loans. I strip because I need to strip in order to survive the Law major. I strip because there is no other way to pay the bills that are now piling up in the mail box one after the other. I strip because I need to graduate in order to work at my dream job. Sometimes in life you have to push boundaries and do impossible things in order to achieve your dreams.

Sometimes it’s worth it; sometimes it tears you apart…

The moment I started working at Doll’s House my life changed and my world turned upside down. I never thought it would happen but it did. I came face to face with my worst fear. As I realized what happen I thought of running away as far as possible. I did, I ran far but I couldn't hide for much longer.

There are two reasons why I came back and their names are:
Julio & Kris.

**WARNING: It contains sexual scenes. Intended for ages 18 and up!**