Cale Thornsbe had always known he was adopted under the most mysterious circumstances. Although he loved his new parents very much, he treasured the only link he ever had to his true identity - a blurred out golden seal. Throughout his childhood he was teased for his unusual accent, snow white hair and thick glasses only to find out what they really meant as his thirteenth birthday approached. He was the last seer of two worlds and the only barrier left to keep the evil King Etmus from taking over this world by force as he had done in his own. From the tallest invisible bull to the smallest forest pixie, Cale must learn who he can trust as his senses and visions heighten. His lovable and completely clueless parents are kidnapped, but who really has them? Cale Thornsbe has no choice but to find the answers as the seal begins to reveal itself and the journey never taken is brought to his doorstep.