Hailed by Critics as a Da Vinci Code with Fantasy twists. What if you discovered that the Greek Gods of myth were real, imprisoned for thousands of years on the lost continent of Atlantis and only you could release them from their underwater prison? What if the journey would take you to the Greek Isles, Egypt, the rain forests of Mexico, and eventually Atlantis itself? What if the long the way you made unbelievable scientific discoveries, battled pirates and zombies, and finally discovered the amazingly powerful, god-like beings did exist and the Earth's very existence depended on your freeing them? What if you found out that if you free them, you may be dooming the entire human race? This is the plight of Dan Ryan, a recent widower who while in the depths of great despair of the loss of his wife and child, is set on this very adventure by a peculiar character who claims to be the Greek God Hermes. Follow Dan and his friends as the adventure of a lifetime begins the first of this new fantasy trilogy.