Figuring out which exact volumes of the various comic/graphic novel series I read as a kid is a difficult thing to do. Except from Prince Valiant, there's not a single one that I read in strict chronoligical order and I'm missing a lot of them. I do remember this cover though, so this has to have been one of those that I borrowed from the library.

I've been in a nostalgic mood lately, wanting to re-read the children's and teen books I used to love, reading those I never got around to but are considered classics and finally, yesterday, I got this huge urge to get into reading graphic novels again. They used to be among my favorite passtimes and this series (Gammelpot / Douwe Dabbert, or Danny Doodle for the English-speaking) was one of those that really stayed with me. It was among those that was continually reread for the fun and sweet stories that were always such a joy to read. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of the storylines and so this may be one of the graphic novel/comic series that'll be in front of the tbrr line :)