Welcome to Messina High School, somewhere in America's frosty northern climes. In this land of flanneled lumberjacks, strapping maidens, and roaming wild beast, the drama department is preparing for a Shakespearean theatrical production of their own, Romeo and Juliet: Apocalypsis, but have lost their lead actors to a rival school with a supierior kickball team. Cue the arriving heroes: the dashing Don Pedro, his (bastard) brother Don John, and his highly impressionable young charge, Claudio. As they rescue the mired theatrical produciton, Claudio falls in and out of love with Mrs. Leonata's "little" daughter Hero. Many hijinks ensue, all under the overzealous and constant watch of the school's AV club. In the end, these emotionally volatile kids realize that what they thought were world-ending events were nothing but insisgnificant and fleeting moments. Life goes on-but not before someone gets kicked in the nuts.