World War II saw the rise of air power as a decisive factor in modern warfare, with aerial bombardment, defense, and ground support, as well as the use of carrier-based aircraft, playing an enormous role in the outcome of events. Indeed, some of the greatest dramas of World War II were played out in the skies, from the heart-stopping maneuvers of warbird pilots engaged in aerial combat against closely matched enemy aircraft to the daring bombing missions that saw pilots face the toughest aerial defenses ever designed. Costs in men and machinery were high, but all involved were united by a sense of camaraderie and in the end, these steel-nerved crews changed the course of the war.p pIAviation Art of World War II/I presents more than two hundred dramatic paintings that capture these aerial encounters in vivid detail, featuring contributions from today's most noted aviation artists, including Robert Bailey, Stan Stokes, Robert Taylor, Jim Dietz, Keith Ferris, and Roy Grinnell. Each scene has been painstakingly researched to create the most historically accurate depiction possible, giving readers an eyewitness snapshot of the action. Extensive captions describe the scene taking place and offer details on the planes, pilots, and crews, while archival photographs of the individuals involved breathe life into each meticulously rendered painting. This stunning collection is a must-have forpfans of military history and aviation aficionados alike. BRBR