This is a board book called "Baby's First Nursery Treasury." The giant puffy Humpty Dumpty cover is just an added bonus.

The cover, unfortunately, was pretty heavy and fell off within six months. We loved it anyway. The illustrations are... umm... colorful.

The nursery rhymes are nice-ified. Well, at least the old woman in the shoe one was. She gives her children broth and butter and bread, and reads them a story and sends them to bed. Some people might like that, but I'm a purist. I just ignored the text and read the original rhyme.

Another strange thing was that the little black hen is yellow in the illustrations, and the black sheep is white.

We still really enjoyed it. Nursery rhymes are so fun to read with kids.

My favorites from this book are...

The man in the moon
looked out of the moon,
looked out of the moon and said,
"Tis time for the children, it's time
for all children, to think
about getting to bed."

A wise old owl
sat in an oak;
the more he heard,
the less he spoke,
the less he spoke,
the more he heard.
Why aren't we all
like that wise old bird?

And my very favorite...

Oh, the brave old Duke of York,
he had ten thousand men.
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
and he marched them down again.

And when they were up,
they were up. And when they
were down they were down.

And when they were only
halfway up, they were
neither up nor down!