An alternate history of the Titanic tragedy - Aspiring reporter Julia Llewellyn hopes the voyage back to New York on the Titanic will give her plenty of material for a story that the editor of her hometown paper won’t be able to refuse, even though he normally only lets her report on ladies’ luncheons and charity meetings. When Julia spots a crate being loaded on board marked with the words “Extreme Danger – Do Not Open,” she thinks she has a lead on a great story, one that will get her name on the front page. Right away rumors start to swirl about the artifact in the crate, and of the curse that follows it.

Even though Julia doesn’t believe in curses, she knows it will make a good story, if told the right way. But once she meets the young assistant surgeon on board, Ned Endicott, she has to work at keeping her mind on collecting the facts, not on spending her time hoping she will run into him. As the voyage gets underway, strange incidents give rise to whispers of a mystery animal stalking the unwary, and Julia finds the story growing more dangerous than she ever dreamed, with herself and Ned right in the middle of it. A novella

Of all the mysteries surrounding the Titanic, one major mystery remains. Why did Captain Edward Smith, the most experienced captain of the White Star Line, order the ship full speed ahead knowing they were entering dangerous iceberg-filled waters?