I couldn't resist the cover of this book. I love. Jane Simmons's Come on Daisy is a glorious board book and I had real hopes that she would pull off a full length children's novel. She may well do for the target audience but it didn't quite work for me as an 'appeals to all ages' telling of an interesting story. I particularly liked the theme of the flaky mother embarrassing her child with cod and ultimately dangerous spirituality.I could never quite work out where I was... it starts off as a thorough piece of veggie propaganda (aka dose of reality)- a factory farm, but when Beryl falls out of the back of the lorry, she is into a world of wild pigs (Forest of Dean boar?) wolves and bears.It reminded me a little of the Duncton Wood mole saga or Watership Down but ultimately it felt like one of those books which needed either more written language or less. Some of the illustrations are, as you would expect, wonderful and suffused with pigness.