1074: The King of Munster musters his army, determined to end Viking rule in Dublin. As Kings prepare for war young warriors see opportunity, and Gruffudd son of Cynan is no different.

Born in exile, the son of a Briton Prince and last of an ancient royal line, he is the true heir to Gwynedd's throne. Now at last the time has come for Gruffudd to make a name for himself and claim what should be his.
Raised by his Viking uncle, Gruffudd is no stranger to the shield wall. But these are different times. Released from his uncle's warband to raise his own, Gruffudd is now a leader of men and must prove his worth to King Muirchertach Ui Briain of Munster. Gruffudd will stop at nothing to win the King's support and return to his ancestral lands. From the misty and bloody battlefield of Sord Cholmcille to the heart of Snowdonia, Gruffudd must stay true to his beliefs and trust in God – but at what cost?

Only heartache, mayhem, violence and betrayal await as Gruffudd embarks upon the cruel and testing road with one aim – to claim his birthright, or die trying.