Repacked just in time for the holiday season, this former Rose Kerr bevvy of ten sexy tales caters to the kind of erotica and kinky sex that men simply love. We all know that women are from Venus, but that Men are definitely from Mars. This is evidenced by the fact that men will devour sexy tales that women may not particularly like.
If you want to give your man a gift that he will truly enjoy, and that will get him too aroused for his own good, then simply sit next to him and let him read this book. He'll be reaching for you in no time, and when he does, you'll need a lot of time to play with before his passion is extinguished.
These ten tales look at sex not from a woman's point of view, but from a man's. These are what really get a man's juices going. But if you as a woman should read them? Just make sure you have the local fire department prepped and ready, as these stories are way too hot for a mere woman to handle.