You never know what life will throw at you when you're least expecting it. Bobby Carapisi got slammed when he was living his dream job as a relief pitcher for an expansion baseball team and went out to buy ice cream for his pregnant wife. For Eric Larson, it was when he was en route home after a particlarly nasty shift of waiting tables. Each man happened to cross the path of Allen Barrow...and the brutal encounter sent their worlds spiralling out of control. To everyone who knew him, Allen was a quiet, unassuming kind of guy...who was also happened to be part of a trio of sexual predators. The three of them first brutally assaulted Eric...and not long after, chose Bobby for their fun. Eric reported what happened to him but ran headlong into the nightmare of an uncaring system of justice. Bobby, on the other hand, just wanted to ignore it all so he could focus on his family and career. However, the rest of the world had other plans for them both, and when society decides to crush you, what can you do but fight back? Even if it means destroying someone innocent. Bobby Carapisi tells the story of how each man battles to figure out not only what happened to him and why...but how to regain control of his life. Initially released in three separate volumes, this book combines them all into one, with Allen, Eric and Bobby each telling his tale in his own voice, combining honesty, anger, friendship, hate, humor, acceptance, hope, and tragedy as the story unfolds.