The Bootlegger Haze Series is a special two-part ebook series by southern and historical fiction author, Katrina Parker Williams. Bonus features included in the series: a southern terminology definition list and favorite bootlegger recipes from some of the main characters—August, Buford Tee, Ton Stone, Miss Carmelia, Martin, and Myra Jaye.

Bootlegger Haze — Book One (The Saga) is the first installment of a southern family saga, set in the mid 1800’s and spanning more than 50 years, that is sure to take you on an historical adventure of unrequited love, murder, and mayhem. We are introduced to a colored bootlegger, Buford Tee Jefferson, known for selling the best whiskey in Jones County, Mississippi. Buford Tee learns his craft from his grandfather, August Jefferson, who takes him in as a child and raises him after the murder of his mother.

We meet the rest of Buford Tee’s family and follow him on his journey to become the most revered colored bootlegger in Mississippi. We also meet his love interest, Miss Carmelia Faye Lafayette, who gives as good as she gets. She is by no means a pushover, and the two of them run two of the most successful juke joints in Jones County.

In the second installment, Bootlegger Haze – Book Two (The Legacy), we meet Buford Tee’s rival, Morris York, a white bootlegger who hates him for drawing away his customers that favor Buford Tee’s top-notch whiskey to York’s watered-down hooch. York’s resentment is also fueled by his recollections of his stepfather’s infidelity with Buford Tee’s mother, Marie Claire Jefferson, a union which resulted in the birth of Buford Tee. York believes his mother, who dies shortly after discovering the affair between her husband, Winston, and Marie Claire, died of a broken heart. As a result, York sets out to destroy Winston. Buford Tee is also on his hit list, although others close to him suffer his wrath.

A series of mishaps, misunderstandings, and a neighbor’s mistaken identify leads to the deaths of York’s love-struck, teenaged daughter, and Buford Tee’s adopted son. The teens are caught up in a battle between York’s flunkies and Buford Tee’s posse, both vying for control of the lucrative moonshine business, the consequences of which bring devastation to the small southern town.

About the Author—Katrina Parker Williams teaches English grammar and composition at a community college. She is the author of the following titles available at Amazon.

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