This is again one of those books that I could not help myself but to highlight almost every page of the book. The book demonstrates the lost endeavor of liberalism which now seems too far away from us as if we are talking about some ancient ideology.

In societies which we are constantly patching up here and there and parenting a beast no one likes any more, reading this and other similar books give us a moment to hold on and look at the landscape. It shows us how we reached our present condition and by removing all the confusion and taking us to logical consequences of many values we claim to embraced, demonstrate how unprepared and naive we are about our proclaimed values.

On one hand we condemn censorship of the press and on the other every morning we send off our kids to state-schools to be "prepared" and "educated" while ignoring the basic fact that these two are two sides of the same coin. We talk of freedom and then as if we want to empty the meaning of words we immediately start talking of welfare states and government managed social security.

All this are indicators of a deep confusion among those who carry the brand of liberalism and educated. This book, among many others like it help clarify these and many other confusions and demonstrate how many bright people in the past predicted our predicament at present.