Billionaire Jack Harding, the golden boy of the race circuit, has finally met his match.
For the past five years, success, money and women have fallen into Jack Harding's lap. Life was a game for the billionaire racing driver until a near fatal crash left him broken, damaged and angry at the world.
People say he is almost as good behind the wheel as he is in the bedroom. With his sinfully sexy smile and chocolate brown eyes, women find him impossible to resist, and I am no exception.
His brother hired me to nurse Jack back to health. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity at the time, but I am way out of my depth. Beneath his anger and dark moods, I sense Jack is holding something back. He isn’t the superficial man everyone thinks he is.
The more I get to know Jack Harding, the more certain I am that he is the man of my dreams. The trouble is, my dreams never end happily ever after…

Broken is a full length contemporary romance at over 50,000 words.
Jack and Kristina's story continues in Fragments. Broken contains is a smoking hot alpha billionaire romance.

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