It began as a dream: to create the biggest, most luxurious passenger ship the world had ever seen. And, in 1907, the dream came to life with the plan to build the historic Titanic. Financed by billionaire J. P. Morgan for the White Star Company, the Titanic would be the first of three massive ships that would usher in a new era of elegant transatlantic travel. The world watched as the ship took shape in the renowned shipyards of Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Ireland. It would take two years to design and three more years of effort by over 4,000 skilled craftsmen before it sailed on its tragic maiden voyage to New York in 1912. Now, for the first time, thrill to the dramatic history of the creation of this "grand hotel of the high seas" as recorded in Building the Titanic. As lavishly designed as the Titanic itself, with hundreds of blueprints, cross-sections, and rare, haunting photos, this is the First detailed account to tell the amazing story of the design and construction of the ship that has captured our imaginations for decades. Carefully researched, the story is lovingly told—often from the unique perspective of the men and women who actually worked on the ship. Learn about the risks they took and the innovative techniques they employed in Building the Titanic, which brings one of the greatest feats of human engineering to life as no book has ever done before.