This adventure is clearly modeled on TSR's B1, even the map looks somewhat similar. It has the same theme of exploring an abandoned fortress with all kinds of interesting rooms. The big plus is that it is one of the few truly introductory adventures for AD&D 1E around. Adventures like Village of Hommlet and Cult of the Reptile God are for levels 1-3 and do really make use of that level spread, Trial By Fire is for 1st level adventurers and that's it. The minus is that I don't find it particularly inspiring, save for a couple very neat ideas like having to run fast and spin a set of columns to open a secret door.Overall, I'd run it to break in a group of newbies who want an easy adventure to start with, but if it went longer than 2 sessions I'd start to get bored.

Edit: I did end up running this, it went about 5 sessions, and we actually had a fabulous time.Runs much better than it reads.Increased rating to 4 stars.