Once I got round to reading this book, I eagerly read it in a couple of days including a late night session burning the midnight oil.

Compelling in parts and always absorbing it works best in times of action when the writing takes on its own tempo. Some of the scene setting narratives are a little tidious and drag but this is perhaps because the presence of danger makes it so much more appealing. The characters are well drawn and the interactions are believable.
This is good old fashioned Boys Own drama, part of a series of 3 books in the lead up to the 2nd World War. This is the first episode mainly set in the Horn of Africa, Italy v Ethiopia. This is a period a history I know very little about but I believe it reflects well to bring some understanding to this time of political fudge and appeasement.
I enjoyed this book and in Cal Jardine we have an action hero every bit as believable as Richard Hannay. It is the depth of characters and their interactions that makes the story work and when the action starts it is indeed a true page-turner.