No lights, no electricity, but the heat is definitely on.

Rainie Bingham has a plan and it doesn’t include any silly distractions like love, or even lust. She wants to work her way up the corporate ladder, retire young, and spend the rest of her life finding her passions. The only person standing in her way is one annoyingly gorgeous man, AJ Williams.

AJ Williams has a secret. He isn’t who he says he is, and nobody at work knows it. His desire to prove himself to his grandfather and make his own way is what drives him to excel at his job. And when he’s up for a new promotion, infuriatingly stubborn Rainie Bingham seems dead set on getting in his way.

But when they’re forced to participate in a team building retreat over the long holiday weekend, a winter storm leaves them snowed in and alone. The tension begins to mount and the sparks begin to fly as Rainie and AJ fight with each other and with their growing attraction. Will they be willing to risk their perfectly laid plans to take a chance on love? Or will the price be too high?