***SPOILER ALERT*** Bobbie Cain is an high school girl in 1985 that just wants to play varsity basketball. back in 1985 people thought that girls shouldn't play basketball that only boys should play. Bobbie did not care what people say about her dreams she just wanted to prove them wrong. Bobbie had been asking her parents since middle school to be on the Knightstown Panthers basketball team but they kept saying no that girls from Indiana should play things like volleyball. Bobbie was furious when her parents said she had to join the school paper but she started doing the sports page and while interviewing the coach asked if they could make a Knightstown Lady Panthers team and he said if enough girls wanted too he would and sure enough he did.

characters: Bobbie Cain high school girl
jenny Bobbie's friend
mark hammel jenny's boyfriend
coach Parker Bobbie's coach