Welcome to two Christian love stories set in southern California!

ANGEL INCOGNITO: Determined to prove she can be a good reporter, Angelina Fuentes begs her boss for one big story: She plans to tug L. A. ‘s heartstrings by exposing a group of con men. To get the scoop, Angel must go undercover as a cleaning woman. Peter Campbell believes wealth has corrupted his father’s character – that the older man no longer cares for the down-and-out. To prove that he’s nothing like his father, Peter throws himself into working with the needy.
When Angel and Peter cross paths in a most unusual way, assumptions bury the truth. Will Peter allow the Lord to remove his mask of good works to reveal a secret heart of pride?

COSTUMES AND CAPPUCCINO: Costumes & Cappuccino is a humorous look at the life of Tawny Hibble, the twenty-eight year old daughter of Annelise and Horace Hibble, owners of Hibbles Dribble - Costumes, Conversation and Cappuccino in Van Nuys, California. Tawny is only a little concerned about the fact that her parents keep trying to fix her up with guys who come into the shop to rent costumes. Each of these lucky fellows leaves with a costume and the promise of a date with Tawny, against her better judgment. In the last couple of months she’s been out on four mercy dates - a dill pickle, Rhett Butler, the headless horseman and Zorro. The dates have all been fiascoes, and she is more convinced than ever that the single life is the life for her. She delves back into her work at the costume shop and even takes on a few extra hours at her second job, the wax museum in Hollywood, where she works on costuming the Rock ‘n Roll display. Duncan Evers is fairly new to California. He’s originally from Topeka, Kansas, and has come to the big city with stars in his eyes. His visions of taking L.A. by storm haven’t exactly panned out. After accidentally driving his ‘97 sedan through the plate-glass window of Hibbles Dribble, he determines that things can’t possibly get any worse. Wrong. He’s forced to take a part-time job at his great-uncle’s exterminating company to pay the bills until an acting job comes along. When Duncan and Tawny meet, sparks fly. . .and chaos ensues!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Janice Hanna Thompson is the author of nearly 80 books for the Christian market. She lived and worked in southern California back in the late '70s and has no regrets about it.