If I were going to recommend a nature-adventure book for adults, I'd definitely recommend 'Kon-Tiki' over 'Canoeing with the Cree.'The former can get preachy at times, but it's often beautifully written (this one's not), it's coherent(this one isn't), and it's got a sense of historical context (again not true of 'Cree').But this book is going to be perfect for my English III classes, the quarter on the theme of nature.

'Cree' isn't trying to be a nature book, which is why it's going to work well.It's an account of two high-school boys who decide to paddle up the Minnesota River into Canada and all the way to Hudson Bay, over 2200 miles.The book is essentially worked-up journals, day piled after day, as the boys get farther and farther from people and comfort.Ultimately, the book (unwittingly) sparks a lot of the same questions as Thoreau, the writer who'll be one of the bases of the quarter.