Canvas Painting for Kids book contains proven steps and strategies on how to direct your child to a worthwhile activity like canvas painting and let your child unleash his or her full potential. Painting does not only help your little ones develop their artistic skills but also their creativity and full extent of their minds. You will see that your child will see things in a different ray of light – a far better one.

Canvas painting is for the entire family. You, your spouse, and your other children, no matter what age, will surely find the activity delightful. It is something that can be peacefully shared by the whole family – there is no room for argument because everyone gets to decide his or her own masterpiece.

Let your child discover the inner beauty that Picasso, Monet, da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh had able to uncover or explore the different worlds inside the mind that Salvador Dali has travelled and depicted in his surreal paintings.

While many books will tell you not to be afraid and give you strategies to help you stop thinking about them, they aren't dealing with the SOURCE of the issue which people face when learning canvas painting. The biggest obstacle of canvas painting for beginners or mastering canvas painting skills is the fact that there are many secrets to making it work that you should know but might not be aware of.

The source leading to people not sure of what to do when learning canvas painting can be a variety of factors, such as not sure in preparing the canvas, tools involved in canvas painting, oil and acrylic paint, having certain emotions trigger a challenge (like getting nervous, being depressed, sad, bored, or tired), or it could be a fear of what questions to ask, or it could be just a pattern that you've conditioned in the past.

The important thing to understand is that canvas painting for beginners is SIMPLE and that thousands of people have been able to discovering what canvas painting is all about, what things you need to begin, and how you can improve your first few paintings, including myself.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to know the stages involved in canvas painting in no time and no longer have any fear or low confidence that you know are going to make you depressed. More than that, you won't feel the guilt, self-pity and depression after reading this book and be able to feel happy and naturally confident. You're well on your way to begin or improve your canvas painting skills, being happy for life!

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