Chakras For Beginners (FREE Bonus Included)
An Amazing 7 Step Guide for Absolute Beginners to Open Your Spiritual Chakras (with Photos)

Chakras have just made a break-through in recent years to the general population even though it’s been a part of Indian culture dating back to 4,000 years ago. What you are about to discover is unlike any yoga practice you’ve ever tried and that’s because these chakras have been imprinted in us since birth and our subconscious has been controlling them ever since, without you even knowing it.

To find out more about this mind blowing discovery, read on…

This eBook will be a guide for you to use and maybe even others to embark on this journey of spiritual self-discovery; it will give you an insight on all you need to know about chakras and it’s perfect for beginners. Each chapter will give you a little something to mend and balance every aspect of each chakra, understand that each chakra works similarly, except they control different parts of your life and each has unique properties to them.

"Your chakras are the corridors; they are the doorways through which all energy that is in your physical, astral, casual and mental systems pass." – Lazaris

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