In this book there is a popular boy named Sean Sloane, he just stole Billy's girlfriend, Morgan. Although Morgan is in love with Sean, Billy is obsessed with Morgan and is constantly annoying her. So when Sean Sloane is murdered, right away Morgan assumes it was Billy. But Robyn, Billy's and Morgan's best friend knows Billy didn't do it and she is willing to prove it, even if it means losing Morgan's friendship. Robyn goes through a lot of interviews and questions but she ends up solving the mystery.
The reason I picked up this book was because I was looking for a good mystery book and I found this one. I read the back of the book and it sounded very interesting and so were the first few pages because they jumped into the action right away.
Then, the further and further I got into the book, the more and more interesting it got. I also like that the event in the book occur very quickly.
I would recommend this book to Nithusa, but not because she's my friend. But because she loves a good mystery book and I know she also likes this book because there is a lot of dialogue.