This story is a bit different in that Rachael, Kirsty and Charlotte trick the goblins instead of their usual planning and carrying out. I liked that it was a bit of a switch and I think Julia appreciated it as well.
I wonder if it was easy to come up with the differences in each book? I mean, for one author it would have been near impossible I think but for four? I say it still had to be hard. We're talking multiple seven book series'. Multiple series. All with the, basically, same premise. I don't know, just something I've been wondering about for the past few books.
Next we're starting Olivia the Orchid Fairy and then we have the last two to go and we're finished. We'll be done out second Daisy Meadows series!
Julia's hoping that there is a dinosaur series out there but I think we're going to have to settle for the Pet Fairies next. :-)